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National Conference Recognizes Outstanding Faculty and Student Research in Educational Counseling and Leadership

Faculty from the Department of Educational Counseling and Leadership presented at the biannual Association of Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) National Conference in Seattle, Washington last month.

ACES is the premier organization dedicated to quality education and supervision of counselors in all work settings. Its members are counselors, supervisors, graduate students, and faculty members who strive to improve the education and supervision of counselors in training and in practice. ACES and the regional associations host conferences to highlight research and best practices in supervision and in the training of counselors.

The following Monmouth faculty presented at the conference:

  • Alyson Pompeo-Fargnoli, Ph.D., presented “The Future Scholars Program: A Counselor Education Community Partnership to Create Systemic Change.”
  • Vernon Smith, Ph.D., discussed “Parent Involvement Factors from the Perspective of Academically Successful Black Male College Students: Enhancing Counselors’ Competencies.”
  • Kathleen Grant, Ph.D., offered her paper titled “Walking the Walk: Preparing Future School Counselors for Social Justice Advocacy in Schools.”
  • Tina Paone, Ph.D., offered a paper titled “From Awareness to Commitment and Action: Longitudinal Impact of a Race-Based Counseling Course.”
  • Stephanie Bobbitt, Ph.D., and graduate student Michelle Sholk presented “Successful Integration of Social Justice Advocacy in Supervision.”

“I am extremely honored and greatly humbled by my involvement in a national, top tier conference [and] the opportunity to expand both my personal and professional growth,” Sholk said, expressing gratitude for Bobbitt and the educational counseling and leadership faculty.

“During the conference I was able to network with several prominent counselor educators, meet Dr. Bobbitt’s mentors that inspired and motivated her, and continue my work as a social justice advocate by presenting on the need for social justice advocacy in supervision. During the presentation, we were able to hold open and honest conversations concerning personal biases and becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable, as well as personal anecdotes on our work to promote equity. Overall, the ACES conference was a remarkable experience that I will always treasure.”