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Over sixty principals and district administrators attended the first session of the Monmouth University School of Education’s Principals’ Academy Professional Development Forum on October 11, 2012 which was held in Monmouth University’s Samuel Magill Commons. The topic of the Professional Development Forum was “Principals’ Evaluation.”

The presenters were, Todd C. Flora, M.Ed., Ed.s., Education Specialist, State of New Jersey Department of Education, Monmouth County Office; Linda Eno, Principal, Biotechnology High School, Monmouth County Vocational School District; and Anthony Schaible, Assistant Superintendent, Monmouth County Vocational School District.

“During this session having presenters from the NJ State Department of Education, the Monmouth County Vocation School District, and a pilot district (Monmouth County Vocational School District) gave the participants a basic understanding of the intent of the state’s Principal Evaluation Plan and how it dovetails with the teachers’ evaluation redesign,” said Monmouth University Assistant Professor Dr. Harvey Allen.

The Monmouth County Vocational District is one of fourteen state districts that are participating in the pilot program. Under the new evaluation requirement for principals which will be mandatory in 2013-2014, principals will be evaluated based upon how well their students perform.

According to Allen, the key points (for principal evaluation) discussed were that districts should establish a rubric for evaluating their principals that is based on the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) Standards, and that effective principals need to believe that their effective leadership drives student achievement. “It was also made clear that this whole process, both teacher and principal evaluation may be anxiety provoking but in the end it will be excellence producing.” Allen said.

The Academy was created in 2010 as a forum for dialogue and an exchange of ideas and experiences. Using the university as a catalyst, the academy provides professional growth opportunities for principals and assistant principals that focus on dynamic leadership that promotes reflective practice and affects teacher and student learning. It also provides a network of support for colleagues and establishes a collaborative relationship with the university, university faculty, and its resources.

There are four workshop sessions per year. The topics for upcoming sessions are: Communication via Social Media, Teachers’ Evaluation and Coaching, and How to Evaluate an Inclusion Model: Content Literacy Based on the Common Core Standards. For more information contact: School of Education, Dean’s Office, 732-571-7518, or send e-mail to