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Monmouth University World Hunger Class Visits Community Garden

Monmouth University students from Political Science Professor Rekha Datta’s first year course “Debating Globalization: World Hunger” recently visited the Monmouth University Community Garden in West Long Branch to experience firsthand how community gardens are addressing hunger in local areas.

During their visit, students learned about the history and role of the community garden through a presentation given by Dean of the School of Social Work Robin Mama. The School of Social Work runs the garden and provides the opportunity for participants to grow their own fresh produce, as well as produce that is donated to local organizations and individuals in need.

The purpose of the class is to stimulate students’ academic curiosity about world hunger and overall issues related to the world and to help them as they transition into academic university life.

Professor Datta explained: “The trip to the community garden was designed to engage students in awareness and understanding of the processes and role of local and community gardening. It helped to excite them and share their own experiences with gardening.”

Currently, the class is working to organize a Hunger & Heritage Brunch, which will take place close to Thanksgiving. The event will help to fundraise for local food pantries and organizations, offering the students an opportunity to assist the community and provide some hunger relief in the Monmouth area.

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