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Monmouth University Signs MOU with Macheke Sustainability Project

Monmouth University and Macheke Sustainability Project (MSP) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to facilitate and strengthen collaboration in research, grant writing, class projects, and independent studies on sustainable development in Macheke, Zimbabwe.

MSP is led by Monmouth University alum Molly Madziva ’09. Madziva started MSP in 2008 while studying for her master’s degree in software engineering at Monmouth University. The non-profit organization focuses on social, economic, and environmental initiatives to empower people and eradicate poverty in Madziva’s hometown of Macheke.

The basis of the project is to research solutions for community sustainability in order to help locals stabilize Macheke’s economic, health, food, education, and energy systems long term. For example, MSP provided aid to Macheke for the launch of a small brick-making business that employs many residents and was contracted to build the village’s new health center.

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