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Forward facing image of Specialist Professor Melissa Ziobro

Monmouth University Professor Edits Inaugural Issue of NJ Studies Journal

Melissa Ziobro, who is a specialist professor in public history at Monmouth University and has extensive background in public history, including work in oral history and the history of World War II, edited the inaugural issue of the journal, New Jersey Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal.  The journal is published by The New Jersey Historical Commission (NJHC) and Rutgers University Libraries, in partnership with Monmouth University, and prints the most recent scholarship and educational materials about New Jersey’s history and other subjects. Richard Veit, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of History and Anthropology at Monmouth University is a member of the editorial board of the journal.

The Summer 2015 issue, showcases articles by Michael J. Birkner (“Governing New Jersey: Reflections on the Publication of a Revised and Expanded Edition of The Governors of New Jersey,” the text of his keynote presentation at the NJHC’s 2013 Annual Conference), Thomas Callahan (“Slieveroe West: An Irish Neighborhood Moves to New Jersey”), Catherine Hudak (“The Ladies of Trenton: Women’s Political and Public Activism in Revolutionary New Jersey”), and Brian Regal (“The Jersey Devil, A Political Animal”). Other topics covered in this issue include Documents and Artifacts, Teaching New Jersey History, New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance Papers and Reviews.

A link to the free journal can be found at . For more information and submission guidelines, contact Melissa Ziobro at .