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Monmouth University Partners With Seton Hall University Program for Students Who Wish to Pursue a Master’s Degree in Biology or Microbiology

Monmouth University is pleased to announce that it has signed an articulation agreement with Seton Hall University to allow eligible Monmouth University students to enter the Master’s Program in Biology or Microbiology at Seton Hall University.

The agreement between Seton Hall University and Monmouth University provides admission for up to five qualified Monmouth University students each year to attend Seton Hall’s program. At the end of their third year, Monmouth University students are officially informed of their acceptance into the Seton Hall program. In addition, one qualified student will be granted a teaching assistant (TA) position in the Department of Biological Sciences at Seton Hall. The TA position provides a stipend and tuition remission for two years.

Dr. Michael Palladino, dean of Monmouth University School of Science, explained: “The program will help students with a passion for biology to pursue graduate education and prepare for future careers in biotechnology, pharmaceutical industries, or academic institutions.”

Dr. Carolyn Bentivegna, chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at Seton Hall, added: “Our mission is to provide students with modern curriculum marked by academic excellence. Together with Monmouth we are promoting the greater good, serving our global community by encouraging medical, biological, and environmental stewardship.”

The College of Arts and Sciences at Seton Hall University offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and mathematics and physical sciences. The Department of Biological Sciences offers master’s degrees in biology and microbiology and a Ph.D. in molecular biosciences. For more information contact Dr. Carroll Rawn, director of graduate studies for the Biological Sciences programs, at 973-761-9054 or

The Monmouth University School of Science offers undergraduate degree programs in biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, and software engineering and M.S. graduate programs in computer science, software engineering, and financial mathematics. For more information on the programs, contact Dean of the School of Science Michael Palladino at 732-571-3421 or visit