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Over forty-eight principals and district administrators attended the Monmouth University School of Education Principals’ Academy Professional Development Forum on November 29.The topic of the Professional Development Forum was “Teachers’ Evaluation and Coaching” presented by two Manalapan-Englishtown Principals, Mr. Greg Duffy, Lafayette Mills School and Beverly Wilpon, Wemrock Brook School.

The presenters focused on the concept of the principals as an evaluator, coach, and consultant and how it is possible and necessary for principals to be successful in all three roles. They also stated that for this to occur, principals must establish a high level of trust with the teachers and staff in the building.

“This was a timely presentation in light of the changes mandated in teacher evaluation for the 2013-2014 school year,” said James Erhardt, principal of the Betty McElmon Elementary School in West Long Branch.

In compliance with federal, No Child Left Behind Act” mandates for teacher evaluation system reform, the State of New Jersey initiated a pilot program in the 2011-2012 school year which consisted of ten school districts (Cohort 1) and has since expanded the program to twenty additional districts (Cohort 2) for the 2012-2013 school year.

The purpose of the teacher evaluation reform is to provide meaningful feedback to educators to increase student achievement. Unlike other states who are involved in teacher evaluation reform, New Jersey is permitting school districts to choose a model from a list of approved evaluation systems rather than mandating that all districts use one statewide evaluation template.

“This evening’s presentation on teacher evaluation and coaching not only provided valuable information regarding the philosophy and research behind the Danielson model, but also provided the opportunity for administrators to discuss its practical application and its results on improving teaching and learning,” said West Freehold School Principal Edward Aldarelli.

The Academy was created in 2010 as a forum for dialogue and an exchange of ideas and experiences. There are four workshop sessions per year. Over the course of the sessions the attendees have stated how valuable it is to get together in this type of forum and discuss current issues with their colleagues. The topics for upcoming sessions are: Communication via Social Media, and How to Evaluate an Inclusion Model: Content Literacy Based on the Common Core Standards.  For more information contact: School of Education, Dean’s Office, (732) 571-7518, or email