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Leon Hess Business School professors Dr. Michaeline Skiba and Dr. Patrick O’Halloran recently published an article titled “‘It’s (Not) the Economy, Stupid:’ Wasted Opportunities (Apologies to James Carville)” in Volume 36, Number 6 of Management Research Review, an Emerald Journal imprint.

Taking a broad view of the management and economics literature, the article examines how the recent Great Recession has had a disproportionate adverse impact on U.S. labor markets and creates social disruptions to professional workers experiencing persistent unemployment or underemployment.

Dr. Skiba said: “Although the unemployment rate is slowly lowering, it is not an accurate measure by which we can gauge improvements in workforce earnings or future earnings. As written in this paper, policymakers within government and private sectors must examine both the financial and the psychosocial well-being of millions of current and prospective professional workers.”

For more information, please contact Dr. Skiba at 732-263-5862 or Dr. O’Halloran at 732-571-7530.