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Monmouth Magazine Wins CASE Gold

A series of illustrations commissioned for “Monmouth” magazine has been honored with a Gold level Circle of Excellence Award from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). 

The illustrations, which were drawn by Chicago-based artist Simone Martin-Newberry, accompanied the Fall 2020 cover story, “The Long Struggle.” In the feature-length Q&A, Professor of African American Studies Hettie Williams, whose scholarship focuses on race and ethnicity studies, explained why the conversations and demonstrations that took place across the country during summer 2020 in support of racial justice weren’t separate and distinct from the earlier civil rights movement, but rather a continuation of what historians call the struggle for Black equality.

To bring Williams’ ideas to life, the illustrations juxtaposed grayscale and color imagery to convey the “then and now” aspect of the topic, seamlessly weaving both eras together within each work.

In awarding “Monmouth” Gold, CASE judges noted that the “visually strong and engaging piece” brought the important topic to light “in a dignifying way.” The judges further remarked that the use of new and old imagery effectively conveyed how the issues being discussed still persist, and commended the submission for its “effective use of color and … very smart layout.” 

The Circle of Excellence Awards are the premier recognition program for educational advancement, and “celebrate the creative, resourceful, and innovative ways advancement professionals around the globe champion their institutions’ success,” CASE President and CEO Sue Cunningham said.  

In 2022, CASE received more than 4,500 entries from 636 institutions in nearly 30 countries. The winning entries were selected based on several factors, including overall quality, innovation, use of resources, and the impact on the institution or its external and internal communities.

This is the magazine’s third Circle of Excellence Award in the last four years.