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Model UN Team won two third-place awards in Washington, DC.

Model UN Wins Two Awards at National Conference

Students from the Monmouth University Model UN team participated in the National Model United Nations Conference in Washington, D.C., Nov. 4-6 and took home two awards while representing the United States of America and the Republic of Korea. The delegation, led by head delegate Richard Pitts, consisted of 28 students, ranging from first-year students to seniors. Each delegation conducts research on a variety of international issues and simulates their country’s position(s) in UN committees.

According to advisor Kevin Dooley, the third-place award “was a big honor for the team that represented Korea since it was comprised of first-year students who had never participated in a conference like this before.” Dooley also noted that winning an award at the national conference is itself a high honor, since only 10 percent of schools win awards.

The Model UN team has concluded its conferences for the semester after having a successful season participating in Boston, Washington, D.C., and Oxford (England). In the spring semester, the team is planning on competing in three conferences which will take place at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Charlotte, North Carolina, and London.

Students who are interested in more information about participating in Model UN should reach out to the advisors, Professor Kevin Dooley and Professor Ken Mitchell.