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Dr. Robert Massaro assists PA students in birth simulation

Massaro Selected as Monmouth University PA Preceptor of the Year

Monmouth Medical Center OBGYN physician and active participant in the Linda Grunin Simulation Lab and Learning Center, Robert Massaro, MD, has been chosen by the Monmouth University Physician Assistant (PA) graduating class as the Preceptor of the Year for 2024.

According to Stephanie A. Lynch, PA-C, MSHS, clinical coordinator of the PA program, Massaro’s endless enthusiasm and positive approach to teaching clinical PA students on their OBGYN rotation at the hospital exemplified the qualities of an outstanding preceptor.

Recent PA graduate Nicholas Pillarella ’24, who completed his rotation with Massaro, added, “Dr. Massaro was such a great preceptor. He truly cared for my education and hands-on clinical experience throughout each day of this rotation. He was always available and always looking to get us students involved in anything we wanted to on this rotation.”

President Patrick F. Leahy, Dr. Robert Massaro, Provost Richard Veit