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Headshot of Lisa Iannuci

Instructor Librarian Iannucci on Media Literacy and Misinformation

Lisa Iannucci, instructor librarian at the Guggenheim Memorial Library, was recently interviewed  by Calvin Branche of the Pasco County (FL) Democratic Party for the organization’s informational podcast series. The podcast focuses on issues of public concern to voters in the county, which is located on the west central coast of Florida, north of the Tampa/St. Petersburg metro area.

The episode, “Is It Fake News?,” highlights material from Iannucci’s comprehensive library research guide on Media Literacy and Misinformation, explored how the public can locate credible information in a complex media environment and offered simple strategies that can be used to recognize and combat misinformation, propaganda, and conspiracy theories on various platforms.

The guide, which was originally created to help students identify reliable sources for their research assignments and to sharpen their critical thinking skills, has been the most frequently viewed resource on the Monmouth University Library website since its publication in 2017, and has garnered attention not just in the higher education space, but with middle and high school students, teachers, public libraries, and civic organizations that have relied upon it as a valuable information resource.