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Gold Award for Professor Richison and Monmouth University Polling Institute

Mike Richison, MFA, assistant professor of Art and Design, and the Monmouth University Polling Institute have won a 2020 Gold Award from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). They were recognized in the AMPC’s dotCOMM Awards program in the category of “Social Media Marketing / Use of Infographics” for the creative use of gifs on the Polling Institute’s social media pages. The animated graphics illustrate how candidates in the 2020 election are performing among various demographic groups.

Richison began the collaboration with Patrick Murray, director of the Polling Institute, in early 2019 exploring joint opportunities during 2020 election cycle, following an earlier voter visualization project that Richison developed during the 2016 election. Richison’s 2020 project will include an interactive installation of voting booths that will combine music, news footage, and politics. The social media infographics are an outgrowth of this larger project.

The dotCOMM Awards is an international competition honoring excellence in web creativity and digital communication and has received over 200,000 entries since 1994.

To see Richison’s graphics in action, follow the Monmouth University Polling Institute (@MonmouthPoll) on Twitter and Facebook.