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Dean Devasagayam Delivers Plenary Address in Mumbai, India

Raj Devasagayam, Ph.D., dean of the Leon Hess Business School, delivered the plenary address at the 10th Asia Pacific Business Research Conference held Jan. 6-7 at the Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, University of Mumbai.

As the event’s chief guest, Devasagayam opened the floor for discussions by honoring the 10th anniversary of the Asia Pacific International Conference with his presentation, “Celebrating Important Milestones of Impact: Reflection and Vision.” The conference hailed academic administrators, students, and researchers from a variety of eastern Asia institutes, all of whom presented their research as it relates to management in both the workplace and in higher education.

The mission of this annual conference series is to “act as a vehicle to help build a global movement dedicated to capturing, spreading and nurturing good practices in business.” This year’s theme was providing new approaches and solutions to today’s changing business environment.

This past summer, Devasagayam was also appointed to the inaugural International Advisory Board (IAB) of Woxsen University’s School of Business of India.