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Buttitta Recognized by “Beyond Sight Magazine”

Mariagrazia Buttitta, a career coach in the office of career development, was recently featured on the cover of the March 2022 issue of “Beyond Sight Magazine.” Buttitta, who is legally blind, is a native Sicilian-Italian speaker, nationally certified counselor, motivational speaker, career coach, wellness and health enthusiast, and mental health and disability advocate. She is also the author of “Now I See: How I Battled Blindness, Mental Illness, an Espresso Habit and Lived to Tell the Tale.”

In her “Beyond Sight Magazine” profile, Buttitta says, “As a recent full-time hire at Monmouth University, I will have an opportunity as a career coach to help students build confidence in their future aspirations. I aspire to serve as a role model and demonstrate how our differences and challenges don’t have to limit our futures. I will encourage them to focus on their strengths and credentials and never let their challenges hold them back.”


The front of the cover shows Mariagrazia sitting down and smiling while holding a white cane. She is wearing black pants and a white and black long sleeve dress shirt. In the background is a zoomed picture of Mariagrazia’s face.