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Photo collage of students with music included on MADI volume 2

Blue Hawk Records Releases “M.A.D.I. Volume Two”

Monmouth University students and alumni released their new album, “M.A.D.I. Volume Two,” available now on Spotify

Featuring graduates from the class of 2024 and members of Blue Hawk Records, the EP symbolizes the creative potential nurtured within Monmouth University’s Music Industry program, chaired by Specialist Professor Joe Rapolla ’90 MBA. According to Rapolla, the release date, June 19, 2024, holds additional significance as it coincides with Juneteenth, a day that commemorates the emancipation of African Americans and honors the ongoing journey toward freedom and equality. This release pays homage to the rich cultural heritage and resilience of the African American community in celebration of Black Music Month, blending soulful diverse narratives with a deeper message of unity and progress.

“M.A.D.I. Volume Two” is a unique compilation that weaves together an eclectic variety of genres—from soulful R&B and Hip Hop to Indie Rock and Alternative Rap—with an ambient introduction that resonates with listeners of all backgrounds. Monmouth Artists for Diversity & Inclusion (M.A.D.I.) inspires students from different backgrounds to unite together to share their talents and personal experiences in a highly creative and educational way.

Learn more about the students behind the album.