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Learning And Outcomes

Supportive Campus Environment


How well do students get along with other students?

49% of FY students report that their peers are friendly, supportive, and help them feel as if they belong (Nationally: 58%).

Are students satisfied with their overall educational experience?

84% of FY students report a favorable image of this institution (Nationally: 87%); 82% of seniors would choose this school again if they could start their college career over (Nationally: 81%).

How much time do students devote to co-curricular activities?

17% of FY students spend more than 15 hours a week participating in co-curricular activities (Nationally: 9%). 30% spend no time participating in co-curricular activities (Nationally: 44%).

How well do students get along with administrators and staff?

37% of FY students find the administrative personnel and offices helpful, considerate, and flexible (Nationally: 40%).

To what extent does the school help students deal with their academic and social needs?

80% of FY students feel that this institution has a substantial commitment to their academic success (Nationally: 79%). 48% feel well-supported by the institution regarding their social needs (Nationally: 51%).


FY = First-Year Student

SR = Senior Student

1. “Substantial” emphasis is defined by combining the responses to values of “Very much” and “Quite a bit.”

2. “Frequently” is defined by combining the responses to values of “Very often” and “Often.”

3. “Strongly challenge” is defined by combining response values of “6” and “7” on a one-to-seven point scale where 1 is “Very little” and 7 is “Very much.”

4. “Occasionally” is defined by combining the responses to values of “Very often,” “Often,” and “Sometimes.”

The responses above were provided by 447 randomly selected Monmouth students on the 2012 NSSE survey.

Results for all students who responded to the 2012 NSSE respondents are presented in parentheses for comparison purposes.

Data source: National Survey of Student Engagement 2012