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Keynote: You Want to Change the World? Pay Attention to Your Feelings   

Today’s students are more influential than ever before. From YouTube stars to millennial entrepreneurs, this generation is changing the norms of leadership. The most effective of them realize, that leading well, means engaging not just your head, but your heart. Emotional intelligence is the process of becoming self-aware by engaging our challenging and messiest emotions and choosing to face them bravely. In this session, Dr. Leslie will share ways to be a more conscious and emotionally intelligent leader, and leave listeners with three big ideas on how to face the difficult parts of themselves head on.

a photo of Dr. Leslie Nwoke

Dr. Leslie Nwoke is a physician and executive coach. She is also the founder and CEO of HeartWork Now, the online learning and personal development platform. She believes embracing our emotions is the path to living in our purpose. Dr. Leslie has a diverse background in medicine, global health, and nonprofit leadership.