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COVID-19 Update: University offices are open but being staffed remotely. Classes will be conducted remotely for all summer sessions.

Institutional Review Board

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***CITI Program Training is now available.***

The IRB is currently reviewing exempt and expedited IRB applications and addenda on a rolling basis.  Researchers do not need to wait for an upcoming meeting. 

The Role of the IRB

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is responsible for safeguarding the interests of persons who participate as subjects in research projects conducted by faculty or students of Monmouth University. In carrying out that duty, the IRB must examine and evaluate all research proposals to determine whether certain guidelines for the protection of the welfare of human subjects have been met, as set forth in the federal regulations. Approval is required for all research that is to be conducted by a faculty member, or by a student under the guidance of a faculty member, prior to the initiation of contact with human subjects.

Submitting Your Application

Instead of submitting applications and addenda on a rolling basis, they will be accepted by email to  The process for submitting and reviewing projects that require Full Review will remain the same.

The completed application and supporting materials should be e-mailed as a single attachment to the IRB ( You should sign the signature page then scan it into Microsoft Word or as a PDF document, and e-mail it to Alternatively, the signature page can be photographed with a smartphone or digital camera and then you can email it to yourself. Once you have saved the signature page file, you can right click the saved signature page and then paste it to the end of your completed IRB application using Microsoft Word.  Prior to submitting your application, be sure to review the application checklist below to verify that the application is complete.

Upon receipt of the IRB application and supporting materials, the IRB Coordinator will perform a “Completeness Check” to determine if the application is neat, organized, free of obvious content or grammatical errors, and that all necessary information is included with the application. The IRB Coordinator will e-mail the application back to the Principal Investor (PI) with a list of changes necessary to consider the application complete. Upon completion of the requested changes, the PI should re-submit the application to the IRB Coordinator via e-mail. The Completeness Check and request for changes will be repeated by the IRB Coordinator until the application is complete.

It is important to note that applications will not be forwarded to the IRB for review in any form until the application is deemed complete. The application submission date is the date which the application is deemed complete by the IRB Coordinator.

***Please note the review timeline for submissions in the summer months and during breaks can take up to one month because Faculty are not on campus. We appreciate your patience.***

Application Checklist

Prior to submitting your application, please review the checklist below to ensure that your application is complete. For specific instructions on completing any of the items below, refer to the resources on this site for templates and directions.

Additional Information

  • By-Laws (Website Under Construction)
  • Submit a DRB Monthly Status Report (Service not available)