All Clear, Delayed Opening – July 23, 2024

All clear. Our investigation has been concluded and there is no threat to campus. The shelter-in-place has been lifted.

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Last Updated: 7/23/2024, 9:11 AM

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Monmouth University Loan Fund

This loan program is funded by Monmouth University. Awards are made at the discretion of the Director of Financial Aid and are not renewable; the amount of the award is also at the discretion of the Director. Monmouth University Loan Funds may not be applied to costs associated with off-campus study (e.g., study abroad, the Disney Internship program, study at the Washington Center, or the final clinical year of the Medical Technology and Clinical Laboratory Science program). The terms and conditions of the loan are as follows:

  • Interest on the loan is fixed at 7 percent for the life of the loan and begins to accrue nine (9) months after the student ceases at least half-time (i.e., six credits) enrollment. When the student ceases half-time enrollment, he or she enters repayment. 
  • While in repayment, the student is expected to make quarterly payments of principle and interest of at least $120, although a minimum annual payment of 10% of the principle is required. 
  • The maximum repayment term is ten (10) years and there is no penalty for prepayment. 
  • In order to accept the offer of a Monmouth University Loan, students must complete a promissory note and disclosure documents as prepared by the Financial Aid Office.