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Trees! A ‘Discovering the Ecological Self’ Installation

Discovering the Ecological Self is a social practice, environmental, community art project in collaboration with students and faculty at Monmouth University, local community organizations, and other artists and ecological thinkers and creators. It is an interdisciplinary project that is an intersection of art and sustainability research. This installation is in response to this year’s theme: Trees! The Dimattio Gallery will host the installation and other artworks produced through the project this year. Look for the wandering installation around campus during Scholarship Week and sign your “commit me to trees” statement.

Jockey Hollow Virtual Reality

Come to Rechnitz Hall to view a video of a recreation the Jockey Hollow winter encampments from the Revolutionary War. The exhibit will showcase some of the research, both of historical sources and technical, that is being conducted to create a virtual reality (VR) experience based on the site in the National Historic Park in Morristown, N.J. An initial version of the virtual recreation of the encampment can be experienced in VR during the opening of the All Student Show on the last day of Scholarship Week, Sunday April 28, 1–4 p.m., RH 206.