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The Civil War

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April 2, 2013 | 10:30 am

Free Event

Over one hundred and fifty years ago, the United States of America
split in half as the north and south waged war against each other over
preserving a way of life versus preserving the union. While decisions
made by Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, and General Sherman affected the
course of American history, ordinary Americans carried out these
orders, and often made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. The
Civil War was a defining moment in American History – the fire of war
burned away the scourge of slavery and, in time, melded the separate
states into a true nation. In telling the tale of this large and complex
event, this Theatreworks show focuses on the smaller stories of some of
the soldiers who are caught up in it, including, Zak, a runaway slave
who demands the right to fight his own fight; Will, his former best
friend and “master;” Johnny, an Irish immigrant who volunteers to defend
his new home; and Jackie, a girl who becomes a drummer boy.

Written by the playwright behind Theatreworks USA’s The Great Railroad Race, Footprints on the Moon, andThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,
this stirring production features traditional songs of the era while
sensitively illustrating this complex, tumultuous chapter of American
history. The Civil War illuminates the humanity and sacrifices of those who fought, and the many who died.

Appropriate for Grades 3 – 9