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Skippyjon Jones- SECOND SHOW ADDED AT 12:45

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December 12, 2012 | 12:45 pm

Free Event

Skippyjon Jones is a little kitten with big ears and even bigger
dreams! Sometimes he pretends to be a bird, sometimes he pretends to be a
llama, and sometimes he pretends to be a whale… Anything BUT a Siamese

His Mama sends him to his room so that he can think about behaving
like the cat he really is. While bouncing on his big boy bed,
Skippyjon’s wild imagination takes over again as he catches his
reflection in a mirror. “Holy guacamole,” Skippyjon exclaims. “My ears
are too big for my head, my head is too big for my body. I am not a
Siamese cat – I am a CHIHUAHUA!”

And not just any Chihuahua. He dons a mask, a cape, and an accent,
and transforms into Skippito Friskito, the greatest canine sword fighter
in old Mexico! But when the local pack of chihuahuas is terrorized by
the gigantic bee, Alfredo Buzzito El Blimpo Bublebeeto Bandito, will
Skippyjon be a ‘fraidy-cat or the top dog? Based on the book by Judy
Schachner, and from the creators of Theatreworks USA’s Junie B. Jones
and Click, Clack, Moo, Skippyjon Jones is an enchanting musical about
unleashing your powerful imagination and following your dreams.

Appropriate for Grades K – 3 

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