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Shawn Mullins and Mindy Smith

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March 3, 2013 | 7:00 pm

Free Event

nominated singer songwriter Shawn Mullins has undergone a series of
transformative experiences leading to his eleventh studio release, Light You Up.
His experiences included delving into the collaborative creative
process by intensive co-writing, and in one instance putting him atop of
the country charts via a key contribution to the Zac Brown Band’s
“Toes,” marking his fourth #1 single, following 1999’s “Lullaby” and the
2006 Triple A/Americana chart-topper “Beautiful Wreck.”

The world got its first introduction to Mindy Smith nearly a decade ago,
when she won over Dolly Parton lovers with an elegantly pleading cover
of “Jolene,” then promptly added to their number fans of wide-ranging
Americana, connoisseurs of confessional songcraft, appreciators of
mature pop melodicism and seekers of spiritual heft with her Vanguard
Records debut One Moment More and the three albums that followed.