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Red Horse

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March 23, 2013 | 8:00 pm

Free Event

John Gorka, Lucy Kaplanski & Eliza Gilkyson

 Cost: $30, $22

Some musical collaborations seem fated to exist only in the
studio, like some unstable isotope created under controlled lab conditions.
Other partnerships are torn apart by the stressful potholes of the road, while
still others expire with the termination of a record contract. The project
known as Red Horse, while technically just a few years old, carries with it a
history forged in long-standing friendship — a bond that seems only to have
strengthened through live performance.

Labelmates on the folk music imprint Red House Records, the
“supergroup” of Eliza Gilkyson, John Gorka and Lucy Kaplansky came about not so
much by commercial expediency as it did via a genuine respect for each other’s
music — a quality borne out by the fact that the three accomplished songwriters
take turns singing each other’s compositions, as well as introducing new
originals and reinterpreting old favorites that range from Neil Young to Traditional

Performing together and separately, this dream team of
Americana stylists finds a perfect setting for their songcraft in the Pollak
Theatre, the acclaimed acoustic-music venue where Kaplansky previously appeared
as a member of the trio Cry Cry Cry.

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