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Racing into the Space Age: The Life, Scholarship, and Legacy of Dr. Walter S. McAfee ’85HN at Monmouth and Beyond

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February 5 | 3:00 pm

Dr. Walter S. McAfee ’85HN was a distinguished African American mathematical physicist who taught atomic and nuclear physics and solid-state electronics at Monmouth College from 1958 to 1975, now Monmouth University. McAfee gained recognition with Project Diana, a research project out of Fort Monmouth, which bounced a radar signal from the moon's surface. On Jan. 10, 1946, the experiment was conducted successfully, an achievement that many regard as the beginning of the Space Age.

Join historians Walter D. Greason, Ph.D., Melissa Ziobro, M.A., and student researcher Vincent Sauchelli as they shed light on the story of Dr. McAfee.

Organizers: Department of Education Counseling and Leadership, Department of History and Anthropology, School of Science, and the Black History Month Planning Committee

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