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Non-Violence and Anti-Violence in Different Religious Traditions

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April 13, 2015 | 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm | Magill Commons


Panel Discussion

Mr. Joseph Ritacco, MCWRET
Prof. Saliba Sarsar, Global Initiatives
Sponsored by The Monmouth Center for World Religions and
Ethical Thought (MCWRET), U.S. Presidents Interfaith Initiative, & The Monmouth Dialog Group

Panelists Include:
Dr. Mohammad Ali Chaudry(Islam), President of the Center for Understanding Islam
Rabbi Marc Kline(Judaism), Monmouth Reform Temple
Ms. Antonia Malone(Christian), Founder of Pax Christi NJ
Prof. Eleanor Novek, (Quaker), Manasquan Quaker Meeting

Moderator: Mr. Joe Ritacco, Board member of MCWRET

Hear from adherents from multiple religious and wisdom traditions about non-violence. Panelists will address questions such as: How does the tradition endeavor to prevent violence? What is the support for non-violence in sacred or other important texts? What is actually taught or preached to members? Is the panelist personally engaged in any related initiatives? What are some important historical or current contributions of the tradition in promoting peace?

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