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Marc Muller’s Dead On: Live

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April 13, 2012 | 8:00 pm

Free Event

Dead On – Live!

A Note-For-Note Re-creation of The Grateful Dead’s
American Beauty & Workingman’s Dead

 Cost: $40/30

Faithful note-for-note re-creations of The Grateful Dead’s 1970Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty albums, which include such favorites as “Uncle John’s Band,” “Casey Jones,” “Truckin’,” and “Sugar Magnolia.” Multi instrumentalist Marc Muller directs a Note For Note celebration capturing this important and beloved period in the Grateful Dead’s long, illustrious, and stylistically diverse career. He has assembled an impressive cast of world class musicians who have been able to reproduce virtually every note of every instrument, as well as all of the beautifully orchestrated vocal arrangements that are a trademark of these 2 American classics, to a level that’s perhaps never been accomplished and performed live in concert before. For more information visit:

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