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Here, There, Then, Now: Dahlia Elsayed

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Event Details

April 5, 2012 | 11:30 am - 2:15 pm | Art Building Courtyard

Free Event

Here, There, Then, Now

Dahlia Elsayed – painter/installation artist

Event will take place in the Art Building Courtyard – between Plangere & Student Center, behind Sculpture Garden (rain location will be Plangere lobby)

Audiences can come and go as they please. If students want to take part in creating Dahlia Elsayed’s site specific performance, they can contact the artist at

This special site-specific event is a cross-disciplinary project chronicling how public histories and private narratives temporarily attach to landscape, specifically to bodies of water.
Elsayed will collaborate with students from various departments to create a multi-channel event exploring ideas of semi-permanence, traces,
and cyclical erasures relating to the ocean with all its implications as life sustaining, transporting, cleansing and deadly.

Artist bio: For over a decade, Elsayed has been making paintings and installations that synthesize an internal and external experience of place, connecting the topographical with the psychological. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout the U.S. and internationally. Visually, Elsayed pulls from conceptual art, comics, cartography and landscape painting and employs symbols of hard data to frame the soft data of the
ephemeral. For three generations Elsayed’s family has moved from continent to continent due to political and religious persecution, which
has fostered a deep curiosity about how story shapes a landscape, and its inverse, how landscape takes a mythic form in narrative. For more
information visit:

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