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eDNA: A Forensic Approach to Fish Detection

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April 18, 2018 | 11:30 am - 1:30 pm | Club Dining, Magill Commons

Free Event

Monmouth and Rockefeller universities are pioneering a marine life detection technique that holds the promise of being less expensive, more humane and more revealing than other longstanding scientific methods. Faculty and students from both institutions have been conducting research in water bodies along the New Jersey and New York coasts using environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling, an approach that allows scientists to confirm the presence of fish and other organisms by testing for trace amounts of genetic material that they shed into the water.

Join us for a free panel discussion that breaks down the science of eDNA and provides an update on what area waterways will be studied next. Pizza and refreshments will be served.


  • Jason Adolf, Monmouth University Endowed Professor of Marine Science
  • Jesse Ausubel, Director, Rockefeller University Program for the Human Environment
  • Keith Dunton, Monmouth University Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
  • Mark Stoeckle, Senior Research Associate, Rockefeller University Program for the Human Environment

For more information, contact Karl Vilacoba at 732-571-3688 or

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