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California Guitar Trio & Montreal Guitar Trio

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October 14, 2012 | 7:00 pm

Free Event

CGT stands for California Guitar Trio, one of the most fanatically
followed groups of instrumental adventurers in existence — and the
missing link between Beethoven and Burl Ives, Franz Schubert and Freddie
Mercury, or Vivaldi and The Ventures. 

MG3 means The Montréal Guitare Trio, a threesome of modern masters
who’ve wowed audiences from major European festivals to BB King’s in NYC
with their heartwarming stage presence and their spine-chilling

While they may have found themselves joined together in musical
matrimony (a union in which the only argument generally centers around
settle strings vs. nylon), the members of CGT and MG3 have created an
entity that’s more than a marriage of convenience — touring the planet,
sharing the stage and releasing a live album in 2011. The supercharged
sextet comes to Monmouth University for a concert event that takes the
“acoustic” guitar into dynamic dimensions that many people never thought
possible. As CGT, the three veterans of the British guitar guru’s
Guitar Craft program have released fourteen studio and live albums,
filmed a tour documentary and carried their music across international
borders as easily as they’ve broken through the barricades of musical

Making their first area appearance are the members of The Montréal
Guitare Trio (Sébastien Dufour, Glenn Lévesque, Marc Morin), all of whom
have made a name for themselves beyond their native Quebec — covering
classic rock songs from The Beatles and others; folding stylistic
influences from Scandinavia to South America into their original
compositions, and bringing more than just “one more country” to the
multinational mix. 

Audiences should expect nothing less than the unexpected when CGT+MG3
take the stage — a set of intricately wrought surprises that can take
in everything from baroque fugues, surf music (Dick Dale’s “Misirlou”),
arena rock (Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”) and bluegrass picking with some
interlocking mathematical-puzzle originals. It’s a brand of subtle
pyrotechnics that “skips merrily among genres” with wry showmanship and
genuinely awesome technique — one of those off-the-map crossroads where
the happiest of accidents occur.

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