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American-Israeli Relations in the Trump Era: A Lecture by Michael Tuchfeld

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March 22, 2017 | 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm | Pozycki Hall Auditorium

Free Event

The positions that president Trump expressed in his campaign regarding Israel and the Middle East conflict were sometimes inconsistent or contradictory.  Nevertheless, some characteristics show that he will act to roll back most of former president Obama’s ideas and policies of how to promote peace in the area. It is obvious that new terminologies have been formed and reached the gates of the region. What are they and what do they indicate? Many Israelis feel relieved, others – worried. What are P.M. Netanyahu’s expectations in the new era? What are the Israeli cabinet ministers’ expectations and do they expect the same things?  The questions of settlements, annexation of territories conquered in 1967, the two-state solution and the settlement regulation law will be raised as well as the policy towards Iran, Egypt and other players on the political field

Is the defeat of the American political establishment a positive development for Israel?
What mistakes should both sides avoid?

These questions and others will be raised in the lecture….

Michael Tuchfeld is a journalist, currently working for Maariv-Makor Rishon and NRG 360 News website as a political analyst and correspondent. He was the parliamentary correspondent of Kol-Israel, IBA, and the host of the daily talk show on The Knesset Channel – Channel 2 News. He also has a weekly talk show on Galey Israel. He has an M.A. degree from Bar Ilan University in Communications and Political Sciences.
This event sponsored by The Jewish Cultural Studies Program at Monmouth University

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