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Metamorphosis: Works by Nanci France-Vaz

Pollak Gallery

Metamorphosis: Life is all about transitions from one time in life to another. Artists of any art from have dreams of becoming a master in their genre, successful in their career, and recognized to the masses. The models in the paintings are artists in music, art, and performing art  based on a moment in their life or a narrative Nanci has created from film, literature or poetry. Figurative storytelling is infused with light, patterns, and human presence to that have visual impact and make the viewers ponder over the meaning and left to their interpretations. France-Vaz is known for her Imaginative Portraits that render allegorical symbols combined with story and imagination. Most of the work is of female artists that never give up hope or their dreams of becoming a reality.

Free and open to the public

The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night: A Retrospective


This summer marks 60 years since the release of the Beatles’ first and best feature film, A Hard Day’s Night. Through interview clips, video and pictures, this 2-session virtual course taught by Scott McLaren will chronicle the Beatles’ rise to success in their hometown of Liverpool, the explosion of Beatlemania across Britain in 1963, their subsequent conquering of the US in early 1964, all leading to their critically acclaimed first film and soundtrack. We’ll see clips from those who were involved in the film including United Artists executives, the film Producer, Director, the Beatles and others within their inner circle. Lastly, we’ll discuss and listen to song excerpts from the exclusively Lennon-McCartney soundtrack. As most things Beatles, A Hard Day’s Night remains infectious, lasting and fun.

$50 (for two virtual sessions)