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Stanley S. Blair, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Duke University

Wilson Hall Annex 511
Office Hours

Office hours by appointment.

Courses this Semester
EN 218 Here Be Dragons
EN 398 Late 19th Century US Humorists
Regularly Taught Courses
EN 201 Literature I
EN 226 Literary Studies for English Majors
EN 228 Foundations of American Literature
EN 327 Mid-Nineteenth Century American Literature
EN 329 American Realism and Naturalism
EN 332 Modern American Literature
EN 398 Special Topics: Civil War Literature
EN 398 Special Topics: Beat Generation
EN 415 NJ Literature
EN 491 Seminar: Stephen Crane
EN 491 Seminar: William Carlos Williams
EN 565 NJ Lit Heritage
Research Interests

American literature and culture, New Jersey literature, popular culture, and history of rhetoric.

Additional Information

Advisor (1997-2010), The Monmouth Review
Faculty Peer Observer