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Headshot of Raj Devasagayam in front of the LHBS technology lab

Raj Devasagayam

  • Dean of the Leon Hess Business School

Department: Leon Hess Business School

Office: Samuel E. and Mollie Bey Hall 211

Phone: 732-263-5550


Raj Devasagayam, Ph.D., who is known on campus as Dean Raj, began his tenure at the Leon Hess Business School at Monmouth University on July 1, 2021. He previously served as dean of the School of Business at SUNY Old Westbury on Long Island, New York. At SUNY Old Westbury, Devasagayam also served as a professor of marketing and oversaw the school’s AACSB accreditation process; provided administrative and curriculum direction; and helped launch a master’s degree program in forensic accounting that is now regarded as one of the nation’s best. Prior to Old Westbury, Devasagayam served as the director of the Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity at Siena College in Albany, New York, where he also served as the inaugural chair of the Marketing Department and held the Douglas T. Hickey Chair in Business from 2012-2014.

He has been honored with several teaching and research excellence awards by peers and students. At Siena College, Devasagayam received the School of Business Excellence in Research award in 2016, and the Excellence in Teaching Award in 2007. He was honored with The Hormel Meritorious Teaching Award at the Marketing Management Association 2008 annual meeting in Chicago and was recognized with an Excellence in Teaching Award from St. Norbert College, De Pere, Wisconsin, in 2003. 

Devasagayam is proud of his publications co-authored with his students that have been published in journals such as Marketing Management JournalJournal of Brand ManagementJournal of Product and Brand ManagementJournal of Financial Services Marketing, and Sport Marketing Quarterly. He served as the vice president of publications at the Marketing Management Association from 2010 to 2012. He currently serves (2022- ) on the board of International Society of Marketing. He serves on the board of New Jersey Center for Nonprofits (2023- ) and the Monmouth Medical Center (2023 – ).

Devasagayam graduated from the Institute for Management and Leadership in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, Massachusetts. He earned his doctorate in marketing from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida; his MBA from Mumbai University, Maharashtra, India; and his bachelor’s degree in economics from Vikram University, Ujjain, India.


Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University

MBA, Mumbai University

B.A., Vikram University

Journal Publications

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Book Chapters

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