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Lisa Vetere

Associate Professor

PhD, Lehigh University

Wilson Annex, 409
Courses this Semester
EN 202 Literature Ii
EN 327 Mid-Nineteenth Century American Literature
Regularly Taught Courses
EN 101 College Composition I
EN 102 College Composition II
EN 202 Literature II
EN 226 Literary Studies for English Majors
EN 228 Foundations of American Literature
EN 324 Literature of the Colonial America
EN 327 Mid 19th Century American Literature
EN 491 Seminar in English
EN 560 Early American Literature
Research Interests
Dr. Vetere’s interests include: early and antebellum American literature and culture with an emphasis on historiography and the historical romance; American studies; cultural studies; and feminist criticism.
Scholarly Articles
“Imagining the Mastery of Cotton Mather: The Performance of Antebellum Manhood in Charles Upham’s Lectures on Witchcraft (1831).” Forthcoming in Clio A Journal of Literature, History and the Philosophy of History (Spring 2011) “The Malefic Unconscious: Gender, Genre, and History in Early Antebellum Witchcraft narratives.” Under revision by request for Journal of Narrative Theory
All the Rage at Salem: Gender, Genre, and History in Early Antebellum Witchcraft Narratives (by request of University Press of New England)
Additional Information
SERVICE: University Discipline Committee First-Year Seminar Working Group Executive Committee, FAMCO Curriculum Committee, Gender Studies Curriculum Committee, English Department