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Julia Riordan-Goncalves

Assistant Professor

Director of Spanish and International Business Major and Spanish for Business Minor

MU Clinical Educator

Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Plangere, 123
Courses this Semester
FS 202-01
FS 402-01
FS 412-01
Regularly Taught Courses
FS 201 Intermediate Spanish I
FS 202 Intermediate Spanish II
FS 313 Commercial Spanish
FS 402 Advanced Spanish Conversation and Oral Proficiency
FS 412 Advanced Business Spanish I
FS 413 Advanced Business Spanish II
FS 414 Current Issues in Business in the Spanish-Speaking World
Research Interests
  • Spanish novel of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
  • Sociological and Psychological theories and the novel
  • Spanish Post-Civil War literature and the novel written under/after dictatorship
  • Spanish and Spanish-American novels written under/after dictatorship
  • Transatlantic considerations of Historical and Collective Memory of dictatorship in the novel
  • Dictatorships in the Hispanic World: Transatlantic and Transnational Perspectives. Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2013. Co-editor and contributor.
Scholarly Articles
  • “The Discourse of Silence as Testimony in Jenn Díaz’s Es un decir.” Hispania. 101.1 Forthcoming March 2018
  • “Trauma and the Family Emotional System in Jenn Díaz’s Es un decir and Marisa Silva Schultze’s Apenas diez.” Cincinnati Romance Review. Forthcoming Fall 2017
  • “National History and Resistance in Ricardo Piglia’s Respiración artificial and Juan Goytisolo’s Reivindicación del Conde don Julián.” Dictatorships in the Hispanic World: Transatlantic and Transnational Perspectives. Ed. Julia Riordan-Goncalves and Patricia Swier. Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2013. 79-102.

Book Reviews

  • Review of Reading Twentieth-Century Spanish Literature: Selected Essays, by Noël Valis. Forthcoming in Hispania.
  • Review of Sites of Memory in Spain and Latin America: Trauma, Politics, and Resistance, by Aída Díaz de León et al. Hispania 99.4 (2016): 680-81.
  • Review of Histories, Cultures, and National Identities: Women Writing in Spain, 1877-1984, by Christine Arkinstall. Hispania 94.4 (2011): 753-54.
Presentations/Invited Talks
  • Organizer and Panel Chair– “Confronting a Painful Past: Historical Memory in Novel and Film of the Hispanophone World”. Northeastern Modern Language Association Convention (NeMLA), Hartford, CT, March 2016
  • “Trauma, Memory, and Family in Jenn Diaz’s Es un decir and Marisa Silva Schultze’s Apenas diez.” NeMLA Convention, Hartford, CT, March 2016
  • “Reclaiming the Past and Reshaping the National Identity in Pedro Amoros’s La extraña victoria.” NeMLA Convention, Toronto, Canada, May 2015
  • Organizer and Panel Chair – “Teaching Business Spanish: Approaches and Challenges.” NeMLA Convention, Boston, M.A., March 2013
  • 2016 Distinguished Educator Award
  • Kappa Delta Pi Undergraduate International Honor Society in Education at Monmouth University