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Photo of Frank D. Cipriani, M.A.

Frank Cipriani, M.A.

  • Specialist Professor
  • Director Peace Corps Prep Program
  • Director of Major in Spanish and Communication

Department: World Languages and Cultures

Office: Plangere Center 116

Phone: 732-263-5612



M.A., Monmouth University

M.A., Stony Brook University


English Language:

Learning Little Hawk’s Way of Storytelling. Forres, Scotland: Findhorn Press, 2011

Spanish Language:

¿Quién Va a Escribir Este Libro? Buenos Aires: Tu Llave,  1987


“El Laberinto” in Para Todos 1988 (short story anthology). Buenos Aires: Tu Llave,  1988

Scholarly Articles

Published Peer-Reviewed Articles

“A totally badass music: The Soviet national anthem as communication design.” GESJ:Musicology and Cultural Science // 2015 | No.2(12) , pp. 3-14

Scholarly Articles and Proposals

“Peace Corps Prep Application” (Collaboration with committee), Accepted by Peace Corps to create Peace Corps Prep Program at Monmouth University, March 2016

“Use of Telepresence Robots in the Instruction of Uncommonly Taught Languages” Submitted as research grant proposal January 2015

“The Adjunct: An Ethnographer’s Field Guide.” Accepted, NEMLA Conference, April 2015

“The Donald and Me: Using The Spanish Apprentice to Teach Business Spanish.” Accepted for presentation at the PCACA conference Chicago Ill. April 2014.

Popular Articles

Selected Periodical Articles:

“A Positive Look at the Candidates.” Brick, NJ: The Brick Communicator (November 2011)

“A Tradition of Storytelling”  New Living Magazine (July 2011)

“Stay-At-Home Dads Deserve Trust.” Christian Science Monitor, (Dec. 24, 1999)

“On Discipline.” Full Time Dad Magazine 17 (September 1995)

Weekly Columns in the Riverside Signal and BDNEWS24 account for 120 separate published articles.

Presentations/Invited Talks

“Miq’maw storytelling techniques”, World Storytelling conference, Riverdale Country School,  November, 2019

“Building Community through Radio”, Queens College, Mellon Diversity Conference, October 2017

“Latin Grammys: Point of Entry for First Generation Latino Students,” ACA/PCA Conference, San Diego, 2017.

“The Donald and Me: Using The Apprentice to teach Business Spanish” ACA/PCA Conference, Seattle, 2016.

Guest Lecturer, “Mentoring the Juvenile Justice System”, JC 335: Juvenile Justice,  Monmouth University, Fall 2014.

Guest Lecturer, “Building a Digital Anthology.” EN561: Nineteenth-Century American Literature, Monmouth University, Summer 2014.

Performative presentation, “Ethnography of a Blue Collar Historical Society.” Global Understanding Convention, Monmouth University, April, 2014.

Presenter, Poetry in Translation, LASO Poetry Workshop, Monmouth University, Spring 2013.

Presenter, “Utilizing Social Media to Create a Dynamic Learning Experience. “Annual Faculty Showcase, Monmouth University, Spring, 2013.

Guest Lecturer, “The Wild Edibles of Hurricane Sandy.” FY101: Food, Communication, Culture and Performance, Monmouth University, Fall 2012.

Guest Lecturer, “Chrétien Le Clercq and Algonquin Storytelling..” EN560: Early American Literature, EN228: Foundations of American Literature, Monmouth University, Spring 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013

Lecture Tour, Learning Little Hawk’s Way of Storytelling. Borders bookstores, Summer 2011.

Lecturer, “The Authentic Self Tour- Teaching Fearless Writing Through Fearless Living.” Roslyn Public Schools, Nassau BOCES, 2009-2011

Additional Information

Teaching & Professional Experience:

 2018-19: CO 691-2 Communication Master’s Thesis: The Phenomenology of teaching and  learning Chinese characters writing: A communicative case study. Second reader.

2018: Coordinated seminars in International Multimedia Journalism (TV & Radio) with visiting scholars  from Universidad Complutense, Madrid.

2018: Supervised a pilot independent study in Languages Across Curriculum bridging Department of  Communication course in Mass Media and Latin@ Mass Media course (in Spanish).

2017: Created Summer Seminar in Grant Writing. Students in the course were successful in obtaining a  grant for JBJ Soul Kitchen, a local charity.

2016: Co-Creator, coordinator of Peace Corps Prep Program for Monmouth University. The program  started in the Fall of 2016 and currently has about 285 students enrolled.

2015- present, Coordinator of Nuestros Sonidos Latinos, 2 hour Spanish Language student radio show.


Recently Taught Classes

2023 Spring

  • Elementary Spanish I – FS 101
  • Immigration and the United States – PR 434

2022 Fall

  • Elementary Spanish I – FS 101
  • Introduction to Spanish Linguistics – FS 315

2022 Summer D

  • Elementary Spanish II – FS 102

2022 Spring

  • Elementary Spanish II – FS 102
  • Immigration and the United States – PR 434

2021 Fall

  • Conversation Practice – FS LAB
  • Elementary Spanish I – FS 101
  • Spanish Pronunciation, Voice, and Diction – FS 318

2021 Summer D

  • Elementary Spanish II – FS 102

2021 Spring

  • Intercultural Communication – CO 226
  • Writing for the Media in Spanish – FS 411A

2020 Fall

  • Elementary Spanish I – FS 101
  • Intercultural Communication – CO 226

2020 Summer D

  • Elementary Spanish II – FS 102

2020 Spring

  • Elementary Spanish II – FS 102
  • Intercultural Communication – CO 226

Frequently Taught Classes

  • Conversation Practice (FS LAB)
  • Elementary Spanish I (FS 101)
  • Elementary Spanish II (FS 102)
  • First Year Seminar (FY 101)
  • Immigration and the United States (PR 434)
  • Intercultural Communication (CO 226)
  • Intermediate Spanish I (FS 201)
  • Intermediate Spanish II (FS 202)
  • Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (FS 315)
  • Spanish Pronunciation, Voice, and Diction (FS 318)
  • Writing for the Media in Spanish (FS 411A)