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Alyson M. Pompeo-Fargnoli, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Educational Counseling

Photo of Alyson M. Pompeo-Fargnoli

Ph.D., Counselor Education, Montclair State University

M.A., Counselor Education, The College of New Jersey

B.A., Psychology, The College of New Jersey

McAllan Hall 106
Courses this Semester
Regularly Taught Courses
Introduction to College Student Development and Student Affairs
Counseling and Ethical Practice
Group Counseling
Behavioral Issues in Counseling
Internship II- Student Affairs and College Counseling

Dr. Alyson Pompeo-Fargnoli is a nationally certified counselor (NCC), a licensed professional counselor (LPC), and holds a Substance Abuse and Addictions Counseling Certification. She brings with her a wealth of higher education experience from her over 10 years as a student affairs professional, including in campus alcohol education programs, disability services, and as a College Counseling Center Director. She also serves as an invited guest reviewer for the Journal of Ecopsychology as well as for proposals of the ACA national conference. She holds first authorship of journal articles on subjects such as counselor ethical awareness and the college environment of alcohol use and sexual-risk taking.

Her book chapters have focused on counselor supervision and consultation, counseling women, and topics of counselor development. She has presented at numerous national, regional, and state professional conferences on various topics such as reducing mental health stigma, college counseling best practices, substance use counseling, and counselor ethics. Dr. Pompeo-Fargnoli is also the current department advisor for the National Honor Societies, CSI and CSA, and the Coordinator for the CPCE examination.

Scholarly Articles
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