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PAL Group Sessions: Spring 2024

PAL Sessions are free and open to any students enrolled in a PAL-designated class.  Attendance is completely voluntary.  Most of our PAL Sessions are being held in person. Some sessions may be offered on Zoom.

Who Leads the PAL Sessions?

Our PAL Leaders have already taken the course and know what it takes to do well in it.  They will work with you to review course material and help you master related concepts. They will assist you with problem-solving and the development of critical-thinking skills. They also will share study strategies to help you achieve your goals for the course.  Visit our Meet Our PAL Leaders page for more information.  PAL Leaders will send weekly emails to their classes with information about their session times and office hours.

What to Expect at a PAL Session:

You should expect to do the following for a successful PAL Session:

  1. Bring your notes, textbook, and questions. It is ok to be confused or make mistakes! PAL Sessions are the place for you to work through the material and improve your understanding.
  2. Plan to work collaboratively. PAL Sessions are designed to involve students in small group work and discussion.
  3. Think critically about your own study skills. PAL will help you figure out not only what to learn, but how!
  4. Connect with your classmates. PAL Sessions will give you an opportunity to compare notes and help one another outside of regular class time.

If the course you’d like help with is not listed in our schedules, try reaching out to our Tutoring Services office.  You are also welcome to email us at to let us know of your interest in case we can provide PAL support in the future.

Group Session Schedules by Discipline