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Don’t Cancel Class: A CONNECTWELLMU Initiative


            Train the general student population in suicide prevention.

How it works:

            Any faculty who needs to miss class due to a conference or a pre-planned event will have the ability to request a trainer to come to their class to provide suicide prevention education to their students (link to request a trainer coming soon).

            Depending on availability of trainers, a trainer would come to the class at the regularly scheduled time and provide the students with suicide prevention education.

How long is a training?

            The training takes 1 hour and 15 minutes, fitting right in a single class period.

Would this be mandatory?

            No! Faculty can chose if they’d like to utilize “Don’t Cancel Class” or not, it’s just an option! Also, the same class would not be able to get the training more than one time a semester.

What about students skipping the class?

            Our hope is that faculty members would not tell students they can skip the class but rather the trainer could take attendance and provide that to the faculty member. This way the training could reach as many students as possible.

What about training the faculty?

            We would like to be able to meet with Departments to provide this training to the faculty—we can do a shorter version!


This website is supported by the CONNECTWELLMU Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention Program funded through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Department of Health and Human Services

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