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Newsletter: May 1, 2023

April Showers Bring May Flowers

We have several new garden members this season! Please makes sure to introduce yourselves to gardeners you do not know. Let’s get to know our community!

There is still mushroom compost available for individual gardeners who haven’t put it into their plots yet. Make certain to mix is up with your old soil.

One mouse and no rats were found in the Rat Zappers last week. THANK YOU to our Rat Zapper Patrol!

Our first Saturday Work Group will be this week. If it is cancelled due to bad weather there will be an email sent out by 8am. Work Tasks will include

  • Check garden hoses for leaks and put on hose reels
  • Clean around compost area
  • Put up metal stakes for tomatoes
  • Weed community beds and aisles


6 May 9-11AM
Saturday Work Group

6 May 11 -12PM
Foraging Workshop @ Kula Farms

Master Gardening Tip of the Week

When planting summer plants like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants, they grow best when the day, night, and soil temperatures are 70 degrees.


  • Keep track of your volunteer hours in the blue binder in the mailbox.
  • Close shed, mailbox, and lock gates when you leave the garden
  • Shut off spigots, drain hose, and put back on hose reel after using. Don’t allow the hose attachment to hang.
  • Wheelbarrows need to be left upside down so as not to collect rain.
  • Green barrels are for discarded plant material ONLY. Anything else must be placed in recycling or trash cans.
  • Keep the area near black tumblers at the back of the garden clear
  • Do not pile up materials at the back of the garden like old wood/metal trellises. Place these either near the green barrels for disposal if no longer viable or to the left of the first compost bin section where there are other plastic/metal stakes.

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