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Newsletter: July 12, 2022

Meet and greet

When: saturday, july 16th 8-11 am

What: meet your new garden manager teresa maltz. Join her in yoga from 8 to 9 am then see what’s growing on afterwards!

Stick around to help out the work group with a few tasks. Light refreshments will be provided.


July 16th
Work group C + Yoga
When: 9 to 11 am


  • Irrigate beds especially ot beds, 3, 16a, and 39. (Water soil, not the leaves.)
  • Trellis some of the tomato rows as needed.
  • Harvest beets and carrots in 7a+ b.
  • Plant summer squash in 7a + b
  • Mulch with woodchips by sheds and other areas of garden as needed
  • Weed perimeter of fence (Inside and out) O remove morning glories is priority.
  • Weed and mulch communal pathways and beds.


  • Weed aisles near your individual beds. Aim to weed bucket full.
  • Drain hoses after use and place hose attachment on post.
  • Log in when you work at the garden; blue hardcover notebook is in shed.
  • Make sure all gates to the garden are shut and locked before leaving!

Unable to make a workday?

If you have not signed up for a work group, please consider joining either the first or second Saturday as we are in need of gardeners. Otherwise, please join any work group.

Check the board in shed for tasks

  • Weed communal beds and aisles.
  • Weed inside and outside perimeter fence.
  • Place woodchips down where needed.
  • Harvest as needed in communal beds and delivery to Deb Keszler.