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Newsletter: July 5, 2022

As it takes a village to raise a child, it takes all of you to maintain and keep the garden growing!!


July 9th
Work group B
When: 9 to 11 am


  • Irrigate beds especially ot beds, 3, 16a, and 39.
  • Harvest beets and carrots in 7a+ b.
  • Plant summer squash in 7a + b
  • Mulch with woodchips by sheds and other areas of garden as needed
  • Weed perimeter of fence (Inside and out)
    • remove morning glories is priority.
  • Weed and mulch communal pathways and beds.


  • Weed aisles near your individual beds.
  • Drain hoses after use and place hose attachment on post.
  • Log in when you work at the garden; blue hardcover notebook is in shed.
  • Harvest as needed. Take harvest to deb keszler at 69 maple avenue, west long branch. You can take it to her home any time/day.

Unable to make a workday?

Check the board in shed for tasks

  • Weed communal beds and aisles.
  • Weed inside and outside perimeter fence.
  • Place woodchips down where needed.
  • Harvest as needed in communal beds and delivery to Deb Keszler.