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Newsletter: June 28, 2022

Lecture in the Garden

June 28th
Time: 6 pm

Dr. Catherine duckett will explain how we can be part of the solution of climate change


July 2nd work group a + potluck when: 9 to 11 am


  • Empty out first compost bin and use to fill 9a.O mix compost into soil.
  • Plant winter squash in bed 9a
  • Turn middle compost bin.
  • Prune tomato plants from the bottom to allow more circulation.
  • Weed and mulch communal pathways and beds.


Leaky hose at post 15, taped hose, and ot bed hose. Will be looking into taking care of the situation. Thank you for understanding.


  • Sign in and write down what volunteer tasks
  • Drain hoses after use.
  • Irrigation system is used for all communal beds except 13 and 15. Keep water system on.
  • Add browns to compost pile if you put greens in.

More Updates

Work tasks for gardeners not able to make Saturday

  • Irrigate accessibility/OT beds 1-7 marked as community
  • Mulch with woodchips by sheds and other areas of garden as needed
  • Irrigate pollinator beds as needed
  • Mulch with woodchips by sheds
  • Weed communal beds and aisles
  • Weed perimeter of fence