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Newsletter: June 21, 2022

Lecture in the garden postponed!!

Climate change and our gardens has been postponed until June 28th

Dr. Catherine Duckett will explain how we can be part of the solution of climate change.


June 25th – Work Group D

when: 9 to 11 am


  • Plant bean seeds in next quarter of bed 25b.
  • Weed, lay cardboard, mulch near accessibility gardens and shed.
  • Plant winter squash in bed 7b if beets have been harvested.
  • Use compost in first bin, turn second bin.
  • Weed and mulch communal pathways and beds.


Please feel free to join any work group even if you are not scheduled to do so. The first and second saturday work groups need more people to help out.


  • Sign in and write down what volunteer tasks
  • Drain hoses after use.
  • Irrigation system is used for all communal beds except 9 and 11. Keep water system on.
  • Add browns to compost pile if you put greens in.

More Updates

Work tasks for gardeners not able to make Saturday

  • Irrigate accessibility beds 1-7 marked as community
  • Check cucumbers planted in plot 11a and water if needed.
  • Bring cardboard and place under picnic table in garden.
  • Bring browns for compost pile: shredded cardboard and paper towel rolls, shredded newspaper, straw, sawdust, tea bags
  • Harvest beets in 7b, jeanne’s plot 28b and on sides of 25a & b
  • Harvest kale in 27a and swiss chard in 28b
  • Bring harvested produce to place accepting fresh produce (Check front display board for locations)
  • Weed communal beds and aisles
  • Weed perimeter of fence