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Newsletter: June 14, 2022

Happenings in the garden

June 15th: cub scouts visit and volunteer

June 16th: 6 pm music in the garden with Joey Dico & Mines Inc.


June 18
Work Group C + Yoga
9 to 11 a.m. [Yoga 8-9 a.m.]


  • Weed communal pathways and beds
  • Weed front beds
  • Plant bean seeds in next quarter of bed 25a
  • Plant winter squash in bed 7b
  • Weed, lay cardboard, place woodchips near shed
  • Trim off bottom tomato leaves from each plant

Pay attention

After watering your bed, make sure hoses are drained of water. Conserve water by watering properly.

Please remember to sign in and write down what volunteer tasks you did during work days and on your own. The log book is located on top of the three tier metal desk inside shed.