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Newsletter: November 4, 2021

Marie Weimer; Social Work Intern

As the garden beds are less active after November 2nd there’s still much happening to prepare for the upcoming season. Anyone interested in lending a helping hand or sharing your experiences from this past year please email me at All shared stories and efforts will help support the garden’s mission and vision!


  1. If you plan to grow throughout the autumn and winter please make us aware as we are officially closed as a community garden.
  2. Please make us aware of your status for next season as soon as possible. Whether you are waiting until spring 2022 or planning to not return, clear out your garden bed entirely. Please cover your bed in burlap or tarp to limit erosion.
  3. Shed: the existing shed will be moved November 8th and will still be accessible. The gravel will be delivered November 15th for new shed. The new shed will be built tbd permit pending. Thanks for a great season

Please Stay Safe and Healthy!

Winter Projects

  • November
    • New Shed
    • Secure fencing
  • December
    • Purchase new lumber and improve beds
    • Finish fencing
  • January
    • REST
  • February
    • REST
  • March
    • Finish bed improvements
    • Purchase compost and install in all beds
  • April
    • Officially open the garden