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Newsletter: October 28, 2021

New shed details: we are working with the university as well as the town to establish whether we need a permit for the new shed. We hope that this will not impede the process and I will keep you updated. For now, your current shed will stay intact until further notice.

This Week

Monday: i harvested almost 50 pounds of swiss chard and there is still more to cut in two weeks. I did not get to cut back oak tree and cherry tree quite yet but will soon.

Friday: please turn the compost to the best of your ability.

Next Week

Special thanks from Marie Weimer; social work intern

As the garden beds are less active after November 2nd there’s still much happening to prepare for the upcoming season. Anyone interested in lending a helping hand or sharing your experiences from this past year please email me at s0874232@gmail.Com. All shared stories and efforts will help support the garden’s mission and vision!

Workday Task List


  • Perimeter of fence (inside and outside)
  • Shed and Compost areas
  • Perimeter of communal raised beds
  • Pollinator beds outside fenced area

Cleaning and Organizing

  • Communal materials
  • Shed
  • Tools

General Maintenance

  • Pulling dead plants and crops
  • Repairing Hoses and Irrigation lines
  • Repair and maintain rain barrel
  • Repairing fence

Seasonal or As needed

  • Soil installation
  • Woodchip/mulch installation
  • Harvesting crops
  • Irrigating pollinator beds