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Newsletter: August 12, 2021

Rules and Regs!

As the season has rolled through, the Steering Committee has felt that some amendments to our rules and regulations needed to occur. Please notice on rules and regulations in attached pdf. (Rules 3, 6, 11). Please contact me if you are feeling lost or overwhelmed as we can help aid these feelings.

This Week

Please be aware: beds 13 (Winter squash) And 19 (Beets) Have been planted. Bed 25 (Cucumbers) Has also had carrots added in the middle rows.

Friday crew: (9 a.m. to 12 p.m.) (Heat advisory) Harvest available produce and that’s it. It is going to be hot so please be safe! Know your limitations.

Next Week

Monday Priorities: 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

  • Harvest, if Needed.
  • Prune Tomatoes.
  • Check Pest and Disease.
  • Clean Up Fence from Morning Glories.

Friday Priorities: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

  • Harvest Available Vegetables.
  • Help Cultivate Beds 21 & 23

Vegetable of the Week

Pac Choi Growing Guide

Soil Temp for Germ.Days to EmergenceSeed DepthThin Plants ToSeed SpacingRow SpacingMin. Germ.Seed LifeSeeds peer 1/4 gramFertilizer Needs
45-75°F 2-15 1/4″ 12-18″1″ 18-36″ 75% 3 years ≈ 63-90 Medium
Brassica rapa, Chinensis Group

Days to maturity: 45


  • Pac Choi is a cool season crop that performs best in spring and fall in a wide range of soil types
  • Young plants exposed to temperature fluctuations can result in bolting
  • Apply 1 cup of fertilizer per 5 row feet, and 1 inch of compost

Direct Sowing

  • For a spring crop, sow after the danger of frost
  • Fall crops can be sown July—mid-August


  • Sow seeds 4 weeks before anticipated transplant date for a spring crop or July/August for a fall crop

Insects & Diseases

  • Disease prevention: 5-7 year crop rotation

Harvest & Storage

  • Harvest as soon as mature to avoid bolting

Workday Task List

  • Weeding
    • Perimeter of fence (inside and outside)
    • Shed and Compost areas
    • Perimeter of communal raised beds
    • Pollinator beds outside fenced area
  • Cleaning and Organizing
    • Communal materials
    • Shed
    • Tools
  • General Maintenance
    • Pulling dead plants and crops
    • Repairing Hoses and Irrigation lines
    • Repair and maintain rain barrel
    • Repairing fence
    • Seasonal or As needed
  • Soil Installation
    • Woodchip/mulch installation
    • Harvesting crops
    • Irrigating pollinator beds